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Alaska's Premier Wilderness Cross Country Ski Lodge
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Denali View Chalet is a family-owned and operated wilderness Nordic Ski Lodge in Alaska offering personalized service to the skiing and winter enthusiast community.
We desire hospitality to be extended to our guests as if each one was an invited special friend joining us for a pleasant visit.
Eric moved to Alaska in 1982, and started working at Denali View Chalet in 1986 for Sepp Weber- well known in Alaska by the adventuring and mountaineering community for his numerous achievements, including the first ski ascent of Mt McKinley in May 1962. Sepp, an Austrian immigrant, fell in love with the area, ended up with the spectacular parcel on Kroto Lake, and built a remote skiers lodge there in the late 70's.
I worked as a wilderness guide for Sepp for many years before he turned the business over to me, now Alaska Wilderness Guides, and in 2007 we bought Denali View Chalet to keep the tradition of the ski lodge alive.
Sepp has his own permanent room at the lodge and frequently skis in to visit and ski the trails.
Although there have been some improvements to the lodge over the years, returning clients will find the same Austrian ambiance they have been used to, and the aroma of hot spiced wine greets newly arriving skiers coming off the tracks.

Frederique is from the Provence region of France near the coast. She arrived in Alaska in 1991, and has made her home here. She adds her own 'Mediterranean flavor' to the mix, which especially shows up during mealtimes.



Sepp Weber

Austrian Hospitality.

Wilderness skiing on set ski tracks.

Magnificent Views of McKinley.

An abundance of snow.