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Denali View Chalet Price:
Two Night Minimum Stay 
Covid Update- we are accepting groups of four or more families or 8 or more adults as long as they are vaccinated or Covid tested.
For this season we are raising the rates to $150 per night for the adults, but children remain the same rate.

Adults: $120 per person per night 1st two nights (double occupancy, two night minimum).
Children with parents 14 and under: $90 1st child per night (two night minimum). Additional children $50 per.

Additional Nights: $105 per person per night.
Children with parents 14 and under: $70 1st child per night. Additional children $40 per.
Special group plan for Groups of 16 or more- Please Inquire
 Denali View Chalet is located just a two and a half hour drive North of Anchorage at the base of the Alaska Range 40 miles south of Mt McKinley’s summit.
From Anchorage, drive up the George Parks Highway to Milepost 114.9 where the community of Trapper Creek is located. Turn left onto the Petersville Road. The first 10 miles of this road are paved. At mile 14 the plowed section ends in a large parking lot just past a steep short hill with a curve at the bottom.
 Vehicles are parked here and skiers headed for Denali View Chalet are met by our baggage snowmachine. The guests then ski 1 mile on the un-plowed section of the Petersville Road to the beginning of the marked ski trail (yellow "Denali View Chalet" sign) which leaves the road to the north (right turn). It is 8 miles from here to the chalet, with markers along the set track showing the way.
We meet you 2/3-ways down the parking lot at the pre-confirmed pre-arranged time (normally 11:30 am), and haul your gear to Denali View Chalet while you ski in.
 Cubby's Marketplace at the "Talkeetna Y" has clean restrooms, good food, quick service, and is a good place to take a stretch and perhaps meet up with other skiers in your group. It's about a 45 minute drive from the "Y" to the trailhead.
 Leave early, take your time, and drive carefully.
Cancellation and Refund Policy

There is a first nights cancellation fee.

Cancellation must be made by phone, or in person- not by email or phone answering machine.

Extreme Cold/Severe Weather Policy

DVC cannot solely bear the cost of extreme cold/weather, but rather seeks to share the cost with the user. If your reservation should fall on days of extreme cold/weather, as defined below, DVC will credit you one half of any unused reservation to be applied towards a future reservation, for a period of up to one (1) year.

Warning: Travelers should be prepared for extreme cold/weather on any trip to DVC. This policy will not be applied to bad weather except as defined below.

Extreme cold/weather definitions:
Extreme cold: -10 degrees F or colder at Trapper Creek at 8 AM the day of your reservation.
Extreme Weather: If the Alaska State Troopers have issued a travel advisory for the Talkeetna/Trapper Creek areas and/or the Parks highway is closed.
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K2 Denali Cam -
Live view of Mt. McKinley
and the Alaska Range
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Denali View Chalet
Hosts: Eric & Frederique Schmidt   
Mailing address: 16001 Carl Street   Anchorage, AK 99516      Phone: 907-345-4470    Cell: 907-244-2800