Denali View Chalet

Alaska's Premier Wilderness Cross Country Ski Lodge

Alaska's Premier Wilderness Cross Country Ski Lodge

Established since 1977

Denali View Chalet, situated in the southern foothills of the Alaska Range just 40 miles south of Denali, is a true wilderness lodge with no road access.
An 8 miles ski-in from the Petersville Road through spruce and birch forests and open expanses invigorates the spirit as with every stride Denali, Foraker and Hunter loom closer.
  • An abundance of snow.
  • Wilderness skiing on set tracks.
  • Hearty wholesome meals.
  • Sauna by the lake
    Your host, Eric Schmidt



    Rustic and Remote Alaska Charm.

    No generator noise, as our lights are solar powered. The living room offers a fine vantage of Mts. Denali, Foraker, Hunter and the other massifs in the Alaska Range. The sitting area is centered around an enormous woodstove to toast your toes on winter nights. There is a communal dining area, a ski waxing area and a wood fired sauna with hot shower.

    Memories for a lifetime

    Wilderness skiing on set tracks

    Once you're settled in the skiing possibilities really open up. Try for instance, an nine-mile ski north with North America's largest mountain in view most of the way. The trail climbs into the Peters Hills from where Denali is visible at the spot where Sydney Laurence painted it. Or tour on set tracks that loop through rolling terrain that resembles the Norwegian uplands- the classic terrain of cross country skiing.
    Other activities could include snowshoeing, sledding, build an igloo or snow cave- fun for all ages.

    Lake side sauna

    Built originally as a Austrian style backcountry ski chalet by Sepp Weber in the 1970s, Denali View Chalet has long been a favorite winter destination that can offer memories for a lifetime.